13 Best TAP Shoes: 2022 Reviews

Whether you’re a professional tap dancer or trying your hand at it for the first time, your dance journey must start with the right pair of shoes. You have to feel your feet while rocking the stage.

Perfect tap shoes take you to the right place — bad ones may land you in a hospital bed.

In 2020, tap dance shoes are available in different types, Supertone, Tele Tone taps, and Duo Tone taps are top of them. Unlike 90s shoes, they’re designed in a way to produce amazing sounds that ideally suit your musicality and physicality.

So, if your loved one is in the first year of beginner adult tap,  the next best sounding tap shoes are great for that purpose and fit like a dream.


Best Tap Dance Shoes For Men, Woman, and Beginners

No two days are alike, nor even two hours, same as the case, not all shoes come up with the same qualities. Some footwears are always better than others and worth more attention. Though, there are a couple of best tap shoe brands out there that give us a tough time choosing the best professional tap shoes.

But here’s the kicker:

Here is a rundown of unique tap shoes that have the potential to make your feet happy and fits like a charm. Without beating around the bush, let’s get started.

1: Capezio CG17 Women’s Fluid: Best Flat Tap Shoes

Our first product, Women’s Fluid, has been designed by the famous brand Capezio that has been getting millions of eyeballs on its products since 1887 due to high-quality products, and this pretty tap shoe is one of them.

Key Features :

Capezio Womens Fluid_ Flat Tap shoes (1)

This fantastic shoe earns good marks due to its sleek design and long-lasting feature. They appear with extraordinary softness and high cushioning on the heel that provides excellent support on the dance floor.

These cheap tap shoes for adults are in demand due to its perfectness for flat feet. They seem to be well designed and have staked heels that produce incredible noise while dancing.

For extra flexibility and comfort, a light taxon board is added to the outsole. The lace-up closure feature allows you to tighten shoes at your convenience.

  • Great Fit
  • Offer extra room
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Closure lace-up feature
  • Not rated for a big run
  • Some Buyers aren’t happy with the size

Final Verdict :

At the end of our research, we found one downside of this cute tap shoes is that they’re not well known for a big run, But overall, surprisingly great bang for the buck and worth attention!

2: Joocare Unisex: Beginner Tap Dance Shoes

If your daughter is just enrolled in tap class, you must look for a shoe which is lightweight and offer a great fit, so she doesn’t distract while swaying with the music and learn dance tactics effortlessly. For this purpose, we picked Joocare— great shoes for your little tapper.
Key Feature :
Joocare Beginner Tap Dance Shoes_ Beginner tap Shoes
Available with a 1.5-inch heel that allows newbies to gain stability on the floor. Beyond that, there is a  rubber sole that helps little tapper to achieve balance and perform each step flawlessly.
Talking more about it, toe and heel taps are added to the outer sole that creates noise during the dance. This sturdy tap shoe runs oversized, and notched collar added at the heel to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon and gives a bit push while rocking the dance floor.
Besides,  these beginner tap shoes are coupled with a cushioned insole that makes them comfy and snug.
  • Coupled with Moisture-absorbing brushed material
  • Reasonable Price
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Great cushioning
  • High heel size

Final Verdict :

If you don’t have much money to burn but still want to kick off your dancing career efficiently,  these cool tap shoes are made for you. Some parents are worried about high heel size but overall well known for the big run.

3: Miller & Ben Jazz-Tap Master: Wide Tap Shoes

Do you have wide feet? Ordered several shoes for it but still searching for wide tap shoes? Voila! Your search journey gets ended here. This cool tap shoe, designed by Miller and Ban, is an excellent mix of cool design and durability.

Key Feature :

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes Wide tap shoesThis wide width tap shoes get spectacular reviews due to its handcrafted design and elegant look. Made up with high gloss leather coupled with installed taps that make it a professional tab dancer shoe for man.

Besides, they’re lined with wood heels that create amazing deep sounds on the floor. Not happy with default taps?Not a big problem. You can wear them for tap class without breaking your balance.

What makes it Versatile?

Well, If you’re the one who often dances on the wood floor, you may find it super handy because of its rigid sole and leather upper.

  • Great Heel & fits like a dream
  • Wing tape layer for durability
  • Hidden cut work to make it attractive
  • Reasonable room for toe
  • Lack of arch support
  • Expensive

Final Verdict :

When it comes to high-quality tap shoes, the miller & ben tap shoe brand goes beyond the expectation to design shoes that meet with clients’ needs. They have placed all features in one place. That’s why this remarkable shoe cracked our list of most expensive tap shoes.

4: Dance Women’s Tap-Flex: Bloch Tap Dance Shoe

Let me walk you through a fantastic fact about tap shoes. Before medal taps were created, dancers would hammer pennies or nails into the soles of their shoes to make noise.

The best part?

Baloch tap flex comes with installed Shockwave taps that allow you to fly like a free bird and gain extra support.

Key Features :

Bloch Dance Women's Tap-Flex Leather Tap Shoe

There are laces in places of elastic interest, so they wrap your feet snugly and provide perfect tension. Beyond that, if you’re worried about body balance, a stiff leather outsole coupled with a nonslip pro balance pad along with tap plates may provide outstanding solutions to your problem.

Another reason that makes it a must-have for women is that the split soles offer a great tactile feel and softer as a pillow. Full Kashmir lining is a handy feature for those who want to get rid of moisture.

  • Provide generous support for old feet
  • Securely Fastened laces
  • Excellent stitching around the support
  • Flexible and comfy
  • Short laces may bother you during class
  • Some buyers complain about fitting

Final Verdict :

If you’re looking for a shoe that has a great sound, crafted well & comfortable, these cheap tap shoes worth attention; believe me, this unique tap shoe won’t let you down on the dance floor.

5: Capezio Women’s Cadence Oxford: Best Ladies Tap Shoes

Searching for a shoe that doesn’t comprise on quality? Well, let me introduce you to Cadence Oxford, which is crafted by the famous company Capezio. After checking them personally, we have found them lightweight and comfy, which makes them ideal for newcomers.

Key Features :

Capezio Womens Cadence Oxford

The point that makes it unique in the field of horses is its impressive heel taps; no matter what type of stage you use, these fancy tap shoes perform like a dream. The upper is comfy, and the inside sole hugs your feet in a way so you can follow each tap move placidly.

Apart from it, they are filled with a lovely matte finish and has a polyester lining to reduce moisture and make your feet happy.

Besides, if you’re fond of a lightweight shoe that matches with your musicality and physicality, then buying professional tap shoes won’t be an expansive deal for you.

  • Supportive heal
  • Well crafted with leather
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Snugly padded collar
  • The screws that hold the taps lose itself and require tightness time to time
  • A bit pricy

Final Verdict :

In some places, the features can be improved as well as a bit pricy compared to competitors. Overall, however, an excellent choice for intermediate tappers who are searching for an oxford tap shoe that fits well in the toe and has a great grip on the ground.

6: Capezio Women’s CG09 Premiere: Tap Shoes for Advance Tappers

Capezio CGo9 presents a great mix of value and quality to tap enthusiast at a low price. The feature that drives attention toward it that it has the Rayow system screw attachment on the tap. So you can remove or attach it at your convenience. That’s awe-inspiring!

Key Features :

Capezio Womens CG09 Premiere Shoe (1)

These wide width tap shoes are perfectly crafted for those (intermediate to advance ) who want to match their tap with background music. The full-grain leather upper and new Achilles helps the newbies to stand out in the crowd.

Worry about slipping? ( Yes, you should, it’s awkward to get fallen in the front of fellows ) .Time to say goodby to all concerns, Capezio Cgo9 comes with a rubber non-skid sole patch that prevents slipping and makes your feet study in quick turns.

Besides, the lace-up design gives you a firm grip on the dance floor. Plus,  thanks to microfiber lining, which has superb moisture absorbance capability.

Do you have wide feet? Don’t be panic; it fits in the wide feet like they’re specially made for them. You may say Whoo-Whoo after wearing them for the first time.

  • Ultimate solution for the wide feet
  • Soft leather with generous support
  • Lace-up design
  • Branded
  • Taps loosen easily
  • Doesn’t offer Split sole

Final Verdict :

After testing personally, we’re ended with one downside is that they don’t have split sole but do you want to know what makes them still worthy? They come up with a stiff bottom, which is not as resilient as the cheaper footwear but more amenable than the top of the line.

7: Miller & Ben Triple Threat: Best Royal Tap Master Shoe

No one is born a dancer; you have to push yourself more than others. Look, making your dream real won’t be a daunting task if you have the right pair of shoes in your feet. And that is where our 7, Jazz-Tap Master; shine.

Key Features :

Miller & Ben Tap Shoes

Jazz master is outlined by Avi Miller & Ofer Ben – famous tap teachers and performers. It is the most comfortable and royal shoes we have ever reviewed. Available in the combination of pink & silver color coupled with cute pink laces that will stand you out in the tap class.

Beyond that, this triple threat shoe comes with installed taps, so you don’t need to look for it. Their high heel is designed in a way so you can use them at multiple spots.

Its high end and super supportive sole make it surprisingly comfortable for sensitive feet. One might say: I can’t buy them without breaking my bank; yes, we really understand, they’re expansive than others, but let us put it simply: They worth it.

  • Produce great noise
  • Stylish design
  • Lace-up pattern
  • Triple Layer Front
  • Some buyers are worried about rigid heel
  • Expansive than others

Final Verdict :

The inside doesn’t have much cushion but wearing thin sock with them might be a great solution. So, in the end, I’ll only say that,  If you want to taste something that can’t be tasted by everyone else, do buy it and make your feet happy.

8: Capezio Women’s 657 Manhattan Xtreme: Best Sounding Tap Shoes

Want to wear the tap shoe has a great look, heel, and design without hitting the bank? Amm seems impossible, but not for you. You can avail of all these features under one roof by picking best sounding tap shoes, which are quite famous by Women’s 657 Manhattan Xtreme.

The feature that drives the attention of every newcomer?

This unique tap shoe is specially designed for those who’re fond of high heels (like me, mommy). Let’s break each element down.

Key Features :

Capezio womens Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe

You’ll feel your feet in these shoes. Coming with a foam-cushioned footbed that allows beginners to perform every step professionally without getting back pain. More to this, the no-slip heel counter gives a great hand to those tappers who’re worried about slipping (Yes, it’s too ghastly to get a slip in front of tap fellows )

Thanks to the full leather lining that works like a charm to reduce moisturization and helps to get rid of the smell. Its feature Duo Tone heel taps fixed on a spring steel soundboard and pre-attached TeleTone toe that makes it ideal for professional tap dancers.

Apart from its generous support, these high heel tap shoes fit so well on foot that the strap is almost unnecessary and can be just lightly fastened.

  • Work same as advertized
  • Produce fantastic sounds on the ground
  • Great floor grip reduces slipping
  • Lightweight allows quick moves
  • The actual Strap is a bit big that bothers during dance
  • Some customers complain about size

Final Verdict :

If you have wider feet and you used to dance in higher heel tap shoes, going with cool tap shoes for the next class won’t be an expensive deal. It provides the same fit as a street shoe and really does the same what they claim. However, they run small and available in just two-color. Plus, some buyers complain about sizes but overall great bang for the buck.

9: Bloch Dance Girl’s Annie Tyette: Best for Toddlers 

Tap dancers ( your kiddo ) are actually musicians, and tap shoes are actually instruments. So, while buying shoes for newbies, you must look for a shoe that has a lace-up closer, low heels, firm, and solid sole that allows them to kick off their carrier in tap dance effectively.

Let’s get to it to know does it really meet with toddlers tappers requirements or just a great choice to burn money.

Key Features :

Bloch Dance Girls Annie Tyette Tap Shoe

Thanks to its light heel transition cushion at the back of the shoe coupled with an elastic part snap that makes it the best toddler tap shoe. The best part is that the shoe doesn’t demand the laces because it has a comfy elastic band that buttons.

The tapper can still use the laces to restrain tightness or for looks, but after reviewing it, we got ended that it’s not needed as much.

The best part?

You don’t need to stop dancing after every 5 minutes to tie it. Beyond that, it is made with a non-slip pro balance pad that prevents slipping. To reduce moisture, it is lined with Soft cashmere lining and padded insole.

Besides, it comes with a firm and sturdy bottom that allows you to bend your feet in quick tap moves effectively( which is super crucial for techniques and comfort ).

  • Provide an excellent fit for small kids, toddlers
  • Well made and branded
  • Removable Taps
  • Elastic button strap that hugs feet tightly 
  • Some customers complain about the tight elastic strap button
  • Large strap creat disturbance during a dance

Final Verdict :

After buying these cute tap shoes, you’ll be able to tell the difference between your shoes and the cheaper shoes of your classmates have. The strap can be improved and doesn’t work great for large feet because they’re specially crafted for small kids and toddlers.

10: Theatricals Adult Lace Up  T9500: Best Man Tap shoes

In the shoe market, there are a couple of best tap shoe brands out there, but when it comes to men tap shoes, Theatrical has also been melting a heart of tap dance enthusiast.

Key Features :
Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes
It has excellent cushioning and features shock absorption. Beyond that, it offers a medium 1-inch heel that provides excellent support to beginners tapper.

T9500 is relatively lightweight with an engineered with taps that are screwed on and have a soundboard. Talking more about it, a non-skid rubber patch is added for safety coupled with lace-up design, so you don’t need to look for tightness while dancing. Lastly, there is plenty of room to let your feet breathe.


To avoid size issues, for women, we strongly recommend you to order the same or half size larger than street shoe. On the other hand, going with two sizes of larger shoes would be a plus point for men and children.

  • Available in different sizes
  • A great choice for building tappers
  • The heel doesn’t heart due to extra cushion
  • Don’t need to burn a high amount on it
  • Some buyers are struggling with size issues
  • Not ideal for a big run
Final Verdict :

They are not the “most picked “shoe for a big run and don’t come up with split sole as some Zumba shoes. However, If you’re just landed at tap dance, these would be a great starting pair for you. Its awful chemical smell might bother you at the start, but it will be gone after some time. That’s why these cheap tap shoes are one of the most top-rated shoes on amazon.

Features You Must Look for Before Buying a Tap Shoe [A Perfect Buying Guide]

Don’t you think musicians and dancers are two separate personalities? Yeah, you are right! But this is not the same in the case of tap dancers. Beside excellent dancers, they’re also efficient musicians who try their best to amuse their audience. But all this is possible with a good tap shoe.

Where to buy tap shoes, what kind of tap shoes should you wear? These kinds of questions may stuck your mind but don’t worry we’re here with the best buying guide. You can turn your stress into happiness only by buying the right tap shoe with us.

We are well aware that buying a tap shoe is impossible unless you have the proper knowledge of its features. That’s why we will tell you about some of the necessary components to look for before buying a tap shoe. So stay tuned for ending your anxiety.

Size-Don’t Compromise on Support

Wearing a shoe that is out of your size is simply silliness. You can’t dance at your best unless you’re wearing the right sized tap shoe. So before buying a shoe must look whether it fits you correctly or not. Try different sizes of the tap shoe and choose which holds your feet in the best way.

Fit-Don’t Lose Your Grip

You may have an idea about the looseness of a shoe how inconvenient it is while dancing. You can’t even move your feet according to your own without a perfect fit. So when you’re buying a tap shoe must consider its grip on your feet.

Hard Sole-Produce Melodious Sound While Dancing

There is no purpose of tap dance if it doesn’t produce heartwarming noise. It is only possible when your shoe has a hard outsole at the bottom. Make sure that the sole of the shoe you’re going to buy has a hard non-flexible so that it will produce a perfect sound.

Comfort- Dance with the Utmost Confidence

You can’t dance a single step while chocking your feet with uncomfortable shoes. A tap shoe with a wrong toe-box can ruin your dance performance. Before buying your favourite tap shoe, try it once, and check the comfort level. If it suits you perfectly, then go for it.

We hope buying the right tap shoe is quite easy now with our spectacular list and buying guide. Don’t lose a chance; select any pair from the list above and rock on the floor.

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