10 Best SALSA Shoes [Latest Designs] 2023

There are countless types of dance out there that have been following by dance enthusiasts for centuries. They have always been a part of our celebration, ritual, exercise, communication, and fun. Zumba, Tap, Swing, and Jazz are the top of them.

But Salsa has its own class and fan following. Especially, It offers a great opportunity for couples to better know each other. Plus, works like a charm for those who want to get rid of wight (Burns down 420 + calories per hour)

But to make these things happen— to unlock your success, you have the only one key (Yes I repeat only one !) which is the right pair of shoes.

If your salsa dance partner (your shoe ) doesn’t provide you with a great grip, balance, and comfortability on the ground, you might lose the game.

But here is the kicker :

You can stand out in your salsa class by picking the comfortable salsa shoe. And, this is not as hard as you might think.


Top 10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes in 2023

Here is the rundown of best salsa shoes that have been perfectly designed by brands to perform quick and swift body moments with your loved ones flawlessly.

1. Diamant Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes: Black Salsa Shoes

Diamant Women’s Dance Shoes offers a reasonable fit and design to ballroom enthusiasts. Crafted in Germany with synthetic nubuck from Italy, these features make it a must-have for those who want to spend pennies at the right place.

Key Features :

Diamant Womens Ballroom Dance Shoes_ Black Salsa Shoes

You can give a trendy touch to your outfit by wearing these classy shoes. These are not only worn by salsa fans but also works like a charm for those who’re quite serious about their look. Apart from Suede sole, they are lined with a supportive sole for ideal turning and gliding on the dance floor.

They come with a high heel (2 inch Latino) with adjustable straps so you can fit them at your convenience. You may agree with us, black is one of the hottest shoe colors of the season —The best part? They’re available in classy black color coupled with a softly padded insole very pleasant on the foot.

The cut-off design puts a fresh twist on the ideal high heel salsa shoe and is shaped to be seen.

  • Traction  to prevent slipping  on highly polished surfaces
  • Long-lasting
  • Offer high heel than other salsa shoes
  • Snap and an adjustable strap offer a great fit
  • Avalible in limited colors
  • A bit expensive than others

Final verdict :

No matter, you’re in search of professional salsa shoes or want to wear something that is long-lasting, this cute shoe worth place in your wardrobe. They might hurt your pocket hard, but to be honest they worth it.

2. Capezio EJ1 E-Series  Shoe: Cheap Salsa Shoe For Women

Classy, firm, and sturdy, this shoe is all about these words. With more than 32 years of experience packed into the latest version, Capezio Women’s is better than ever.

Key Features :

Capezio EJ1 E Series  Shoe_ Cheap Salsa Shoe for woman

Versatility is what makes the Capezio Women’s EJ1 one of the best women’s salsa dance shoes. No doubt this shoe is the perfect choice for salsa due to split sole but also can be adopted for jazz, office, and workout.

This cool shoe belongs to E-Series Jazz Oxford with a sleek design and durable leather. Beyond that, it features a non-slip heel counter for extra support and reduces over-pronation.

Further, they’re stuffed with cotton lining to prevent moisture effect. Thanks to a lace-up design that provides exceptional flexibility on the ground and allows you to move freely like a happy bird.

  • Top choice for wide feet
  • Cute low cut design
  • Lace-up design for extra comfort
  • Lined with EVA outsole
  • Way too small
  • Offer Simplest design

Final Verdict :

To make a strong bond with Capezio Women’s, we recommend you order 1 size up for the best experience. There is a lack of support and way too small. But when it comes to price, We believe Capezio Women’s EJ1 is the great bang for the buck.

3. Touch Ups Women’s Jane: Low Heel Salsa Sandal

Now, this is the time to present you to the shoe that is affordable, lightweight, and most importantly stylish. No matter in which class you’re enrolled, you must first look for its style, because in 2023, style is everything. You can grab all these features under the same roof by trying Women’s Jane— crafted by Touch-Ups.

Key Features :

Women’s Jane is available in sandal design with a sturdy ankle strap. This female dance sandal comes with a number of features. If you’re not fond of black color,  you can choose silver, gray, or champagne Glitter.

Unlike tap shoes that have high heels, our no 7 offers low heel (1 1/2″ high ) size that gives it a dressy look and is wearable for hours without getting any pain. Not only for salsa, but they are also exceptionally effective for occasion and parties.

If you’re the one girl who is quite serious about her look, these cool shoes with nice soft pink pedicured nails, the sparkly gold, and shiny straps might help you to rock the party like a Cinderella.
  • Match with every dress
  • Low comfortable Heel
  • Strap design for a perfect fit
  • mesh glitter material
  • Slippery bottom
  • Difficult sizing
Final Verdict :
The sole is slippery but you could fix it by adding a no-slip sticker to the bottom. Further, our review experts, found them a bit clunky and lack of arch support which is not good for sensitive feet. However, they’re less costly,—and would be a fine choice for those who have wide feet.

4. TTdancewear Women Rhinestone: Latin Salsa Dance Shoes For Women’s

Did you burn a lot of pennies on salsa shoes but still your dance class not going well according to plan? Well, you’re not alone, a lot of salsa enthusiasts had been burning the money at the wrong pair of the shoe until they tried Women Rhinestone which is available in seven eye-catchy colors with 5.5 to 9.5 size.

Key Features :

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone: Latin Salsa dance shoes women's

Designed with compelling rhinestones that give it a stylish look and makes it a must-have for women who were in search of great looking Salsa shoes. It comes with a front strap that provides a great fit on the ground and has a 2.5inch-3inch  sturdy heel.

Due to its high heel with great cushioning inside, this cool shoe provides a fantastic balance during turns and spins. For the women, who have narrow feet might find it a bit narrow, but on the other hand, it offers great looseness and that is not a bad sign if you have just started salsa.

  • Great ankle stability provides reasonable grip on the dance floor
  • Long straps offer great Fit
  • High Heel gives excellent Support
  • Exceptional for Latin dance
  • The rhinestones  could fall off
  • Don’t work fine for narrow Feet

Final Verdict :

They come from the well known Latin dance shoe brand called TTdancewear.They fit true to size. If you’re consistently between two sizes, go for the small size, they stretch a bit after a week of use. However, if you have narrow feet, you might get a lot of room that might head you to slipping. The solutions? Order one size smaller than the actual size and you’re all done for this cute and affordable shoe.

5. Capezio Men’s SD103: Best Social Dance Shoe

Have you just enrolled in the salsa class? Well, if you want to make an impressive start, you must look for salsa dancing shoes that have light in weight, classic look, and great support. Capezio Men’s SD103 is our top pick for men salsa dancers. Its 1 heels make it a must-have for new newbies so they perform every salsa step like a pro.

Key Features :

Capezio Mens SD103 Social Dance Shoe_ Best Social Dance Shoe

Its versatile design allows you to wear it for different dances class. Wheater you have fond of swing dance, or just want to get some cool vibes through salsa dance, this best salsa dancer shoe has designed to be used for every class.

Soft synthetic leather is used for the upper that gives great comfortability and can be adjusted easily with the help of a classic lacing system. Beyond that, for traction, it has a suede outsole coupled with moisture-wicking textile which offers great support against odors inside these best Latin dance shoes.

Talking more about it, the heel is perfectly crafted with EVA form and soft as form. Thanks to an Achilles notch that helps you to protects the back of your heel from rubbing and blistering. For shock observation, the padded insole is added that prevents your feet from weakness and joint injury.

  • The soles can be re-leathered if it is need
  • Well made and Comfy
  • The shock observation feature
  • Lightweight and lace-up design for a great fit
  • Some buyers consider it for small run
  • A bit stretchy

Final Verdict :

You may find them a bit stretchy and not work well in the long run. Despite this, Capezio Men’s SD103 is a choice of thousands of dancers. If you’re the one who is new in the ballroom, these will do the trick!

6. Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce: Best Salsa Shoes For Narrow Feet

Want to dance all night? Great thoughts,but— for that, you must have a sturdy shoe in your feet, because cheap salsa shoe might ruin your dance night. Capezio Women’s DS11 would be a great pick if you don’t want to make it happen.

Key Features :

Capezio Womens DS11 Fierce_ Best Salsa Shoes For Narrow Feet

Splendidly crafted by the brand Capezio, this cool woman shoe has been offering great support and comfortability to the salsa fans on stage. Built-in patented flex points and forepart spin spot allows you to perform quick turn back smoothly.

It features premium arch support coupled with padded lining to prevent moisture. For easier toe stands, it is made with a boxed toe. Thanks to 1 heel size, They run like clockwork for dance cardio and Tracy Anderson-type workouts.

Besides, the synthetic is added for extra flexibility and makes them light. Due to flexibility, you can easily point out your toe.

Unlike running shoes, which have a lack of arch support and often stuck on the gym floor, these most comfortable salsa shoes have the solution to both problems because of excellent heel support. A well made split sole lets you perform high impact landing and glides easily on the floor without being too slippery.

The best part?

You’re smart to wear them for the Zumba class. Its dual purpose of using them as both dancing shoes and as a short-distance sneaker

  • Versatile in nature
  • Offer great arch support for old knees
  • Allow quick turns due to lightweight
  • Runs almost 1 size smaller than street shoe size
  • Some users complain about poor leather
  • Some find them too narrow

Final Verdict 

Like tap shoes, Fierce Dansneaker doesn’t fit well in a standard narrow width. Our Advice? If you wear 8 in street shoes, make sure to go for  1 size up. Though there is no need to worry about material and comfort, Capezio has been working closely with dancers for the last 30 years in product development.

7. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight: Best Salsa Shoes For Beginners

Every beginner dancer wants to kick-off his career effectively without experiencing a big injury. But truth be told, some of them make their dream come true. In your dance class, your shoe decides everything, great shoe lifts you physically and emotionally. Capezio 550 Junior is well known for it.

Key Features :

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight_ Best Salsa Shoes For Beginners

No matter how much weight you gain, these cool shoes for dance salsa will still fit in your feet. They are made with leather sole lined with Soft PU leather upper that gives them a diligent look. Closed-toe and sides allow you to dance for long hours without taking a break.

Our Junior Footlight gets a lot of attention due to its versatile feature. Coupled with 1.5″ plastic heel with a scored leather top lift that makes this shoe comfortable for the street and office and can be worn with jeans.

Due to its Versatility,  they have the potential to give your feet comfort on occasion .Especially ones that require you to be on your feet for hours at a time.

Thanks to quality material flawless design,  this comfortable salsa shoe doesn’t compress your toes at all. The sturdy heel offers reasonable spinning on the hardwood floor. The downside? You may find them extremely slippery at the start, however, you can tackle this problem by scrapping the bottom, and you’re all done.

The bottom line?

If you’re fond of tap dance, you’re smart to attach taps on its stitched leather sole and wear them for your tap class without looking to another shoe.

  • Provide reasonable grip and support to wide feet
  • Can be wear with every outfit
  • Available  in cheap rate
  • Smoothly use for hours
  • Too slippery on the floor
  • Run small

Final Verdict 

After checking by our experts, we found them a great choice for stage use and work well outside the stage. They offer plenty of room for wide feet but on the other hand, they run a bit small. For the price, no one cant beat these quality salsa shoes.

8. Sansha Salsette 3 Jazz Sneaker: Best Salsa Shoe For Wide Feet

Do you feel uncomfortable in high heel salsa shoes? Well, you can try Sansha Salsette 3 Jazz that appears in the small heel. The feature that makes these sneakers unique is that these shoes are unisex.

Key Features :

Sansha Salsette 3 Jazz Sneaker_ Best Salsa Shoe For Wide Feet

They come in different sizes —2 to 18 for women, and up to 15 for men. If you’re going to purchase them for your younger son, go for a small size. Further, they are avalible in regular fitting and no width option on there. like the Ford Model T, they only arrive in black.

For durable protection for your feet, they’re lined with mesh uppers with suede overlays. The collar and tongue are padded which offer amazing comfort as you’ll feel your feet. To adjust the tension and strong lockup, they feature a secure lacing system.

Talking more about it, they are coupled with a double layer of hand-stitched leather and a stacked heel that helps you to perform quick turns and moves effortlessly.

  •  Made with pure mesh and suede
  • Lace-up closure for strong lockup
  • Offer 1.5-inch heel
  • Light in weight
  • Size issues
  • Avalible only in  black color

Final Verdict :

For hustle free experience, we would suggest you go 1 size up from normal. However, they way too small, and the customers often complain about the size. So do check your shoe size twice before hitting the order button.

9. Men’s Ballroom Leather Sneaker: Best Salsa Shoe for Professional  Dancer 

Do you think of becoming an expert in salsa dance is hard? Well that is, but have you ever wasted your precious hours at finding a shoe that fits like a glove? The shoes you get maybe either loose, firm, or totally hard on your feet. To save your time, we are come up with Latin Salsa Sneaker Dance Shoes for a man that is lightweight and comfortable.

Key Features :

Mens Ballroom Leather Sneaker_ Best Shoe for pro salsa dancer

To fly like a happy bird on the floor, your shoe must light in weight, that’s why this shoe is super light and you can wear them for bachata, salsa, and mambo dance.

If we talk about breathability & durability, they feature genuine leather linings for it. Extra padded footbed out there for extra comfort and easiness. The downside is that they are available in medium width only. If you’re worried about fitting, our recommendation is to order 1/2 size down.

Let’s be honest there, when we saw these shoes at first, I was expecting to pay more for these modern salsa shoes, but because of the manufacturer’s ingenuity, I didn’t!

The interesting feature?

You’ll get a complete bundle of  5 items with this shoe. This will include, shoe brush that you might find handy against dirt, a shoe freshener to get rid of the smell, a small bag, and much more.

  • Breathable
  • Diligent look
  • String shoe bag
  • Shoe brush and freshener
  • The Toe area could be improved
  • A bit costly

Final Verdict :

If we compare this shoe with others, we find it a bit costly, but in contrast, it has a lot of extra features that don’t offer by someone else. Undoublty, you’ll burn more money if you order these items individually. So, order the bundle and save some pennies— and be the star on the dance floor.

10. DLisiting Latin Women: Latin Salsa Dance Shoe

So you’re inspired by famous salsa dancer Eddie Torres—”The Mambo King” and now you’re all set to follow the footprints of your inspiration. Well, If you’re really the true fan of Eddie Torres, you might understand the importance of the right shoe — you can achieve what you want if you have the right pair of shoes and that’s where DLisiting Latin woman Dance shoe shine.

Key Features :

DLisiting Latin Women_ Latin salsa dance Shoe

When it comes to high heel and a lewd look, DListing brand has the potential to stand you out in the class. It is specially designed for those who’re in search of Latin salsa dance shoes having extra footpad.

It features a lace-up adjustable style that makes them extremely flexible and supportive. After testing by team, we’re ended with the result that these salsa dancing shoes for women would be the best choice for wide feet.

The best part?

Apart from salsa, DLisiting shoes can give you a hand bachata dance. Further, thanks to Suede Sole, this cute shoe can be perfectly used for Ballroom Dance.

  • Offer 3” flared heel
  • Strap Lace-up designed to adjust the tension
  • Well-cushioned
  • Great value for the price
  • Long laces bother while dancing
  • Short lifetime

Final Verdict :

DLisiting specially designed this shoe for inner dancing, professionals Latin and salsa. That’s why, if you’re planning to try them outside, you might find them unworthy. The bottom is made of soft leather and it will break them almost immediately.

Essential Things to Look For Before Buying Best Salsa Shoes [An Ultimate Buying Guide]

Are you dreaming of performing salsa with your partner? Well, But wait a minute, have you purchased the right shoes for it? Well, thinking of doing your best in your performance and ending up with severe pain in your feet is the most frustrating feeling ever.

Salsa shoes come in many forms, with lots of strips, claps, several heel heights, and different kinds of soles. So it all depends on your choice of what kind of shoes you’re going to get; many factors need to be pondered when you’re out for buying the best salsa shoes.

Salsa dance isn’t like all other dances. It needs the immense effort of your legs and feet. You can’t do your best when you’re wearing a shoe that is not sufficient enough to give proper support to your feet. We’ve concluded some of the essential points which will help you to get your hand on the best shoe for a salsa dance.

Support-Protect Your Knees and Ankles During Dance

Without proper support to your feet and ankle, there’s no purpose of buying a salsa shoe. The sole, the heel, and the strips, in short, everything in the shoe contributes to give support to your feet. So whenever you’re buying a shoe, consider everything about sufficient help to your feet.

Fit-Keep Your Size in Mind

Slipping-off your shoes during dance may distract you from following your steps. So the best thing is to look for a shoe that holds your feet like a glove. Slipping-off a shoe may cause severe accidents to you and your dance partner during the performance. So look for a shoe that has the right size for your feet.

Heel Height-Specialty of Salsa Shoes

The heel of the salsa shoe is the essential thing that adds much more to your performance. A perfect size of the heel gives you an elegant look. But keep in mind the comfort and support with the heel. So look for the shoes which have moderate heels.

Comfort—Consider Your Easiness First

Dance is one of the best ways to speak your heart. But you can’t walk a single step without the appropriate comfort that your feet need. In salsa dance, you and your partner will feel odd when you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. The best way to remove this distress is to look for the shoe with a comfortable insole, soft strips, and a heel that gives you perfect stability.

Bringing your dreams to reality is possible only with the right shoe. Especially if you’re a salsa dancer, you must have a shoe that leads you to the unexplained horizons of performance. So buy a shoe from the list above and win the heart of your partner.


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